RO Membranes

Product Image (11111)

water membrane

Price: 12500 INR/Piece

water ro membrane

Product Image (kpm-574)

ro membrane

Price: 2150 INR/Piece

this ro membrane super fine A+ grade quality up to 4500 tds guaranteed excellent performance

Product Image (Kht0006)

Kaipron Industrial membrane

Price: 12500 INR

Up to 5000 tds flow 300 ltr per hour

Product Image (Sx-100gpd)

Stark100 membrane

Price: 2050 INR

Up to 3000 tds

Product Image (Ks003)

Stark 80 gpd gold

Price: 1550 INR

A uniq golden sheet exellant performance up to 1500 tds for domestic ro

Product Image (Kpm 055)

Kaipron 100 gpd membrane

Price: 2050 INR

Kaipron 100 gpd membrane use up to 2500 ppm

Product Image (Sxc100gpd)

Stark 100

Price: 2250 INR

Original product

Product Image (Kpm524)

Kaipron 80+ membrane

Price: 1850 INR

This membrane use up to 1800 ppm

Product Image (Kpm004)

Kaipron 80gpd ro membrane

Price: 750 INR

Good product for 2000 tds

Product Image (Kpm056)

kaipron 100plus RO Membrane

Price: 2150 INR

Kaipron 100 membrane work up to 4000Ppm

Product Image (Kpm053)

Kaipron75 gpd membrane

Price: 1650 INR

Up to 1500 ppm


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